Conditions of Passage

  1. These conditions of passage refer to voyages on board the ‘MV Lord of the Glens’ and ‘MV Lord of the Highlands’ which are owned and operated by Magna Carta Steamship Company Limited (MCSC).

  2. The vessel operates subject to International and Domestic Maritime Regulations, Conditions and Bye-laws as appropriate to her class.

  3. The Conditions of Passage may be changed by MCSC without notice. No employee or agent etc is authorised to make such alterations or amendments to these conditions on MCSC’s behalf.

  4. The Company will always endeavour to provide that which has been described in the printed brochures, advertisements and web site. However, it should be noted and accepted that all passages on board the named vessel are subject to change, insofar that the intended navigation, being in both tidal and non-tidal waters, will necessarily mean that itineraries will not always operate in the same sequential order as published. Accordingly the Master of the Vessel will always operate the vessel in accordance with the regulations, the restrictions of the tide and the weather, even if this requires the Master to shelter and adjust the navigation & itinerary.

  5. In the event of outright cancellation of the cruise due to weather or technical reasons, MCSC will refund all monies paid promptly, and the amount of the refund is limited to the amount paid to MCSC.

  6. MCSC is obliged by law to operate the vessel in accordance with International and Domestic legislation and as such reserves the right to prevent boarding of its vessel should such legislation not be observed.

  7. To confirm a provisional reservation MCSC requires a 10% non-refundable deposit (of the selected voyage tariff), with the balance due at twelve weeks prior to the scheduled sailing date. Reservations made within twelve weeks of sailing are required to be paid for in full at the time of making the reservation. Payments can be made by cheque, debit card or bank transfer. 

    In the event of guests requiring to cancel a reservation the following rates of forfeiture apply as a percentage of the overall voyage tariff selected and reserved. Guests are advised to carry adequate personal cancellation insurance to cover this and other contingencies.

    • From date of booking until 84 days before sailing: loss of deposit.
    • Within 83 days of sailing – 100%

    All such cancellations should be made in writing. Name changes may be made without charge. 

  8. Due to the nature of such voyages the policy of the Company discourages carriage of passengers younger than 11 years of age at the date of sailing.

  9. There is a strict no smoking policy both on the external and internal sections of the vessel (except in the designated external areas).

  10. When cruises include independent sightseeing stops, passengers are responsible for ensuring that they return to the vessel at the designated time - no refunds will be given if so not observed.

  11. Help in Distress. The MCSC reserves the right to help persons in distress, without prior consultation, and the passenger(s) have no rights to any claim for compensation in respect of any change to the itinerary.

  12. MCSC endeavours to provide excellent service throughout. Should you in the unlikely event feel the need to complain please do so directly to the Hotel/Cruise Director - and if still not satisfied please write to the company.

  13. The Company recommends that passengers take out applicable travel and cancellation insurance for all contingencies. 

  14. For passenger security all passenger receipts are placed in a Trust Fund until the completion of each sailing, which is operated by the Travel Trust Association - membership U3434.

  15. Animals are not allowed on board, and luggage should not contain any forbidden objects such as weapons, drugs, highly inflammable objects etc.

  16. It is a condition of passage that the vessel complies with local licensing and food safety laws, and in this respect food or beverages (whether alcoholic or not) are forbidden to be brought on board.

  17. These Conditions of Passage are governed by the Law of England and Wales International/Domestic Maritime Conventions.

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